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Website Design


Leave a lasting impression on people both online and in person with intuitive, visually appealing web design that seamlessly integrates with all other materials like eye-catching business cards and brochures.

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Web and mobile App development


Convert your next big idea into dynamic software with the benefit of our experience in and passion for coding, programming, web and mobile development, and more.

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Marketing Firm


Build a formidable online presence through organic search, advertisements, and social media. Reach your customers via both traditional and cutting-edge mediums, from print ads to viral videos, all expressing your clear cut, timeless message.

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Our Recent Work
McGraw Hill Education

Cynexis is proud to be associated with McGraw Hills Education to bring to market the first of their proposed 50 customer proposal websites. Built using WordPress CMS, the site is fully widgetized to be reproduced on subsequent installations with minimum effort. Cynexis custom designed the WordPress theme and used McGraw Hills' existing branding guidelines to produce a remarkable website.

woocommerce website development

UNGER helps you order your favorite food from your favorite restaurants. UNGER is a native web and iPhone/Androind app that runs on a REST API service layer which is robust and scalable. Cynexis prides to be custom designing this iPhone and Android app which interfaces the customers with the UNGER call center and drivers.

Local Business website design

SHADE restaurants is a growing chain of specialty restaurants across Central Ohio. Cynexis has partnered with SHADE restaurants to develop custom online ordering and banquet management for all their locations helping them serve their customers better.

Digital Survival Blog

How You Can Reduce Your Website’s Bounce Rate

Posted on December 05, 2016 by Jason Howard - No Comments

When you venture into the realm of the digital marketing solutions, there are many terms you’ll hear floating around, and one of those may be ‘bounce rate’.  So, what is bounce rate, and why do so many people talk about it? Simply put, bounce rate is the percentage of single page visitors your website sees. More complexly put, bounce rate tells you the number of visitors that enter your site and then leave without visiting any of your other pages. You can discover your bounce rate thro


10 Basic App Store Optimization Guidelines That Shouldn’t Be Ignored

Posted on December 01, 2016 by Jason Howard - No Comments

It’s incredibly frustrating to submit your app for review only for it to be rejected due to a small technicality that was looked over. With that being said, it’s completely understandable why this happens, because each of the app stores has a long list of rules they require apps to abide by in order to host them. You should always review app guidelines thoroughly, but sometimes there are potential hold ups that aren’t listed in their rule books. Here are ten basic guidelines you may not


3 Tips to Make Your Mobile App Stick

Posted on November 23, 2016 by Jason Howard - No Comments

When you create a mobile app, you don’t only want people to download it. You want them to USE it – and to continue doing so. However, having users ‘stick’ to your app isn’t always the easiest. In fact, apps actually lose about 90% of their users after one month, and after three months that number rises to 95%. Those aren’t very promising percentages for those of us who have created an app. So, how can you keep as many users as possible continuously using your app? The answer li


Questions to Ask When Hiring a Web Design Agency

Posted on November 18, 2016 by Jason Howard - No Comments

In today’s technological age you can turn nearly anywhere for web design services. From small startups in your neighborhood to established companies in bigger cities, you can find a web design agency almost anywhere you look. Even though they’re so readily available, hiring a company to design your website isn’t a decision that should be made lightly. A small company may fit your needs better than a larger company, or vice versa. The easiest way to determine what agency is best for you

Quick Response Time

You get a dedicated team that is available to you and responds to your high priority calls and emails within the same working day.

Careful and Meticulous

We understand technology, business, and processes to devise solutions to reach, convert, close & retain customers.

Your Needs Matter

We spend hours researching and analyzing your needs, your market and the industry to offer you the best design and marketing solutions.

Business Ethics

We believe that relationships and partnerships are based on mutual trust and respect. We are good people to work with.

Based in Columbus, Ohio, Cynexis Media is a leading full service web design, app development, branding and internet marketing firm which specializes in interactive media, responsive web design, search marketing and Google advertising. Cynexis Media offers a wide range of services for every budget, our clients include start-ups, small businesses as well as well-known corporations. Cynexis works as the web partners for businesses who want to make their online marketing and design initiatives as productive & efficient as possible.

The agency at Cynexis Media helps our clients define their target audience and create well-defined consumer buying motivators. For every client we then create a unique selling proposition on their websites, while providing analytics tracking for taking informed decisions that improve ad efficiency and marketing performance.

Cynexis Media works with clients across the globe by utilizing today's advanced communications technology. No matter what city, state, or even country your business is in, our state-of-the-art high-definition virtual interaction systems allow us to communicate instantaneously without hiccups. With us, you can expect a participatory approach to your project and budget. Most of the other web design firms do not cover the depth of your business as we do.

All of our projects are researched thoroughly and proposed individually based on your needs. So whatever the project, from responsive website design to ongoing website marketing, site maintenance and support, and whether you are in Columbus, Ohio, in the country or half way around the world, we're always able to successfully meet and fulfill your expectations.

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