posted on May 27th, 2015

10 Hard-to-Ignore Sketch App Plugins You Should Know About

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Sketch App Plugins

If you’re serious about web designing, then you’ll almost certainly be aware of the popular Sketch app. If not, it’s high time to learn about Sketch.

Sketch is an ideal tool for the modern day UI and UX designers. In fact, it is touted to be a great alternative to the Adobe Photoshop editing tool for average user interface designers. Unlike Photoshop, the Sketch app lets you focus more on the design. What’s more? Sketch is fast and a lot easier to learn than Photoshop.

In case, you find any of the Photoshop features missing in the Sketch app, its plugins will make up for those features. Through this post, I would like to make you aware of the 10 best Sketch app plugins that are worth checking out.

1. Clear Stylesclear styles

Do you wish to change the default style properties assigned to selected layers? Well, then making changes to each selected layer will become an intimidating task for you. However, with the help of Clear Style plugin, you can easily reset the default style properties (like Reflection, Drop Shadows, Border, etc.) for any of the selected layers.

Note: Using clear styles plugin will delete the layer styles, however, you can revert the changes if needed using the “Command+Z” keyboard shortcut.

2. Day Playerday player

As web designers, we often use placeholder images (i.e. dummy images) in our designs. However, adding placeholder images into your web designs manually can become a horrendously challenging task, especially, when you’re on a tight schedule. Thanks to the Sketch Day Player plugin, you get the ability to choose placeholder images from a wide collection of placeholder image service providers, and it even helps in adding the selected images to your designs. The best aspect about this plugin is that it helps in adjusting different settings like width, height, and several other elements that you want to view on the placeholder.

3. AEIconizeraeiconizer

If you’re an iOS app UI designer, then AEIconzier plugin is worth considering. This plugin reduces the inconvenience that designers often face when they’re designing an iOS app icon or want to resize the icon. Simply create an app icon (ideally a square-sized icon) in artboard, and run the AEIconzier plugin. This will help in generating icons of different sizes for your application based on your needs.

4. Sketch Measuresketch measure

At times when you’re about to start working on a design, you’ll often have to specify an element’s dimensions to some member of your team. Additionally, you may also need to offer a document as a reference that can be used by developers for their project. No matter, whatever the case may be, it’s obvious that you will find it easy to draw any element with known measures,which includes margins or paddings, sizes and much more. This objective can be achieved with the help of Sketch Measure plugin.

5. Better Paste Pluginbetter paste

There’s no denying that Sketch boasts some great features, but, you may find the classic copy and paste feature somewhat difficult when working with the Sketch app. For instance, using the “Ctrl+V” paste command will paste the contents of your clipboard on the artboard at any random spot. But the Better Paste plugin helps automatically identify the exact area of the artboard that appears to be at the center of the viewport, and pastes the clipboard contents accordingly.

6. Style Inventory for Sketchstyle inventory

Design often requires chaotic exploration, but design also needs to be organized. Though, Sketch can be used to handle both of these design aspects, but bringing structure to the design’s chaotic nature can give you a hard time. One possible way to deal with this is to clean the design files from the beginning and make them organized and structured. However, this is a very time-consuming process. But, with the help of the Style Inventory plugin, you can give structure to messy design files.

7. Bookmarkerbookmarker

If you work with large documents and want to navigate the documents quickly, then you the Bookmarker Sketch app plugin is worth a try. This plugin helps bookmark layers in Sketch App, thereby making it easy for you to access any bookmarked layer.

8. Sort Layerssort layers

Almost every design today relies upon layers, since they hold a host of elements like text,  vector graphics or bitmap images, etc. However, sorting one layer with elements of your choice from multiple layers can make your head spin. This is where the Sort Layers Sketch plugin comes in handy. With the help of this plugin, you can easily sort layers based on the elements such as the layer name, text, etc. This is a must-to-use plugin for designers, as well as, developers working on complex design mockups.

9. Dynamic Repositiondynamic reposition

Possibly, Dynamic Reposition will prove a very useful plugins for graphic designers. When you need to scale an element stored in the container, you will find it challenging to hold the container internal elements at the exact same positions. With Dynamic Reposition, however, all the internal elements will get automatically repositioned on the basis of their original proportions. But, prior to that you’ll need to rescale the container, and navigate to plugins → Dynamic Reposition (ideally using the “Cmd+P” keyboard shortcut).

10. Sketch Page Switchsketch page switch

The Sketch app doesn’t support the feature that allows switching between the pages. But, there’s nothing to worry about, since the Sketch Page Switch plugin enables users to switch between the pages instantly.


The Sketch app has proved a remarkably useful alternative to the Photoshop editing tool, however, it lacks certain features present in Photoshop. Thankfully, because of the available Sketch plugins, you can extend the Sketch app functionality and helps boost your workflow. We’ve tried to cover some highly useful plugins that you should know about when working with the Sketch app, however, there are many other great plugins hosted at Github worth considering.

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