posted on January 6th, 2017

12 Essential Features That Should Be Included in All Custom E-Commerce Website Development

Custom E-Commerce Website Development

It’s not new information that most Americans do their shopping online. In fact, nearly 50% of US adults shop online at least once a month. With that number in mind, it’s more important than ever that your business has an e-commerce website. Here are 12 features your e-commerce site needs to have, or risk missing out on customers:

 Be SEO Friendly

If your website isn’t SEO friendly, you won’t attract customers, plain and simple. Your website needs to be highly visible to your target audience, so create custom URLs and take care to carefully put together your meta contents.

 Integrate a Payment Gateway

You need to have a payment gateway on your e-commerce site unless you plan on giving your product away for free. There are many gateways you can choose from, just ensure they’re easy to use and function properly.

 Be Secure

When submitting payments online your customers need to feel secure. If they get a bad vibe from your website or see that you aren’t hosted in a safe environment, they’ll go find their product elsewhere. Protect not only your customers, but yourself by hosting in a PCI compliant environment.

Keep Mobile in Mind

Shoppers are buying more on their mobile devices than ever before, so if your website isn’t responsive and easy to use across all devices you risk losing sales. Enlist the help of a responsive web design company who can ensure your website functions beautifully across the web, no matter how your customers are accessing it.

Have a Shopping Cart

It may be obvious, but having a shopping cart on your e-commerce site is essential. Make sure your cart is easy to access, easy to navigate, and displays all products in an easy to understand way.

And a Search Tool

Along with a functional cart, you need to have a functional search tool. Customers are busy (read: impatient), and don’t always want to spend their precious time sifting through all your products online. Enable them to search by keyword and you’ll make the purchasing experience much quicker and easier.

Display a Clean Navigation

For the customers who don’t use the search tool, you need to have a clean navigation. Your navigation should be simple, easy to understand, and direct customers to the exact area they need to go.

Showcase Beautiful Photos

Entice customers to make a purchase with high quality, crisp photos of your products. If your pictures look shoddy, customers will get the impression that the product will function the same way.

Feature Customer Reviews

Showcase positive customer reviews on your website. This will not only make your customers feel as though they’re shopping on a trusted site, but will encourage users to leave their own positive reviews for a chance to be featured.

Write a Blog

Keeping up with a blog will help drive more customers to your website. It allows you to market specific products, allows customers to get to know your brand better, and increases your SEO rankings when written correctly.

Promote Deals and Freebies

Site visitors are much more likely to become customers if they get some type of deal. Offer free shipping, a discount code, or place some of your items on sale. Many of us are more likely to spend $50 to get free shipping than spend $30 and pay $8.00 for shipping, even if in the long run we’ve spent more money.

Have a Social Presence

Be active on social media and gain a following. Customers discuss their experiences on social media all the time, so being able to address any concerns or positive feedback is a great way to keep your business on track, and to interact with your customers directly.

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