posted on June 27th, 2016

3 Reasons You Should Hire a Local Design Agency for Your Business Website Design

BY Jason Howard in Web design ,

In today’s technological age, it’s common knowledge that your business needs a website. No matter how large or small your business is, a web presence is crucial for its success.

But who do you hire? A globally known company with hundreds of clients? A national company servicing dozens? You may think that hiring a large company will result in a stellar website, but that’s not always the case. Juggling a number of clients can lead to some not getting the proper attention they deserve – would you want to end up as that client?

The best solution for your business’s website design needs is to hire locally. Here are three reasons why:

  1. Communication is easy and always at the ready.

Communicating with an agency that’s in your area is much easier than with an agency across the country or across the globe. Email exchanges are always a good option, but sometimes you need a face to face meeting to really hash out what you need.

These kind of meetings are nearly impossible when working with a company across the country without scheduling time off work, paying for flights, or driving hours to get to the agency. A lot of us don’t have the time or resources to be away from our business that long, so going local is the best way to never skip a beat.

  1. The agency is already familiar with the area, and probably your business.

Hiring a local agency to design your website is a great way to already get a leg up in the process. The agency will be familiar with your area, know what works from a design perspective, and completely understands the people who will be accessing your site. After all, the designer is might even be a current customer.

Entrusting a local firm to create your website not only guarantees they know the area and your customers, but gives you a much greater chance that they are already knowledgeable about your business. Having that understanding from the get-go is a great advantage, and saves you a lot of time in the beginning steps of the process.

For example, if you’re a local restaurant in Columbus, Ohio, – say Katzinger’s (who’s been around for over 30 years) – you’re going to want a company who knows your business as well as you do. Who would know your business and the German Village area better than a local?

  1. You’ll get a custom design that works within your budget.

The greatest thing about hiring a local agency is that you’re going to get a custom design, and not a cookie cutter website dozens of other companies are using. Standing out online is incredibly important for a business, and local agencies understand just how important it is for YOUR business.

A lot of the time, a local agency will be willing to work with you and your budget, unlike larger corporate companies who throw out a firm price and turn up their nose if it’s a bit out of your price range. Of course, a local agency isn’t going to do free work. But if you can only budget for a custom homepage design with template inner pages versus an entirely custom site, a local agency is much more likely to accommodate than large agencies in big, distant cities.

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