posted on November 14th, 2016

5 Essential Tips for Marketing Your Mobile App

You’ve done it. You’ve perfected your mobile app and it’s now out in the mobile world. Congratulations!

You may think all of the hard work is done now that your app is on the market, and that downloads will just start rolling in by the thousands. Unfortunately, this isn’t usually the reality, and you’ll need to market your mobile app to gain users.

You may be asking yourself, ‘are there mobile app marketing best practices? What can I do to best market my app?’ If you’re asking yourself those questions, be sure to read on.

Here are five essential tips for marketing your mobile app:

1. App Store Optimization

Just like optimizing your website’s content for the web, it’s important to optimize your app for the app store. Google Play and the App Store both have algorithms that prioritize apps based on a number of ranking factors, and your app title is one of the most important.

Research mobile keywords relevant to your app, and include the most important ones in your title. Be sure you fill out all description fields with relevant details when submitting to app stores, and don’t forget about the keywords.

2. Have a Microsite

Just because you made a mobile app doesn’t mean you don’t need a website. Build a microsite for your app and apply standard web marketing practices. Have original, useful content on your site, like how-to videos and blog posts about your app. Driving users to your microsite will help encourage app downloads, and gain you more visibility.

3. Promote on Social Channels

When it comes to mobile app marketing, promoting through social media just makes sense. After all, most users access social media via their mobile phone, so a quick visit to the app store after seeing a targeted ad is a great way to gain downloads.

Target users through Facebook and Twitter, utilizing both platforms’ marketing advantages, and be active on all other social channels as well (Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, etc.)

4. Utilize Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is incredibly effective when it comes to mobile app marketing. Find bloggers, YouTubers, and popular social media users to feature and review your app on their blogs or channels. Their followers will be very likely to check out and download your app if someone they follow and admire tells them they’re using it, and you’re guaranteed to gain more exposure.

5. Get Reviews

App reviews are not only huge drivers in app store optimization, but also make your app look more usable and reliable to people, so get as many as you possibly can. Offer people who download your app something useful for a review, like free credits or another incentive. If people know they’re getting something in return for a review and they like your app, they’ll be more likely to actually write one.

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