posted on June 7th, 2011

6 Reasons Why Drupal is the Best CMS for SEO-Friendly Site Architecture

The importance of a professional website cannot be undermined as a part of an effective online sales and branding strategy. Your business website provides first and a  lasting impression of your business on your customers and potential buyers. Along with sales, your corporate website is also supposed to do a remarkable job at conveying the brand message across to your audience.

However, website aesthetics have to be combined with high search engine rankings for an effective web strategy, without which not much can be done in terms of sales and online branding. For this, SEO or search engine optimization is one of the most effective techniques that generate quality leads for your website. 

For SEO to be successful, your corporate website needs many online factors to work in tandem like accurate keyword research, competition monitoring, link building and web analytics. However, when it comes to optimizing the site, the usage of keywords on your website and related aspects such as clean URL structures, steering away from duplicate content issues and indexation to the last levels, becomes the foundation.


Here is why Drupal is the best CMS for complex corporate and business websites:

  • Search Engine Friendly URL structures – There are nodes in Drupal which correspond to different content types like blog posts, product pages, news items and even images. These nodes can be names in a keyword-rich, search engine friendly manner as you wish. These URLs can be set to automatically generated for websites where there is a lot of user generated content or content which is written by different department in big corporate companies and media houses.

  • Drupal SEO Modules – The Drupal core does a great job with the content structuring and removal of duplicate content issues through navigational paths. Page Title Module, Nodewords, Path/Path Auto, Path Redirect and Search 404 are some of the SEO modules that will make your Drupal website attain a great search friendly architecture. The SEO Checklist module provides a list of things that have to be done before you publish any content on your website. It is a powerful organization tool and helps you build insights in SEO too.

  • Easy of Revision – This is important as you may decide to revisit your existing content and optimize it for a chosen set of keywords. It also helps you in easily publishing new content and content types. Regularly updated, fresh content forms the basis of temporal content analysis algorithms which are known to play an important role in ranking high on Google and other search engines.

  • Taxonomy, CCK and Views – Drupal has powerful built in classification and hierarchical arrangement systems using which content can be built in a organized and tagged manner. The flexibility of taxonomy is a much discussed concept and as well known, it can be used to tag freely or in a controlled manner.

  • Page Title – The webpage title is more important than the URL or even the content of the webpage, when it comes to ranking factors. Drupal can use automatic title generation using the page H1 tag and the site name or you can use the Page Title Module to overwrite the default selections.

  • Ease of start, lot of support and being free – These are the virtues that make Drupal one of the most followed by and used content management systems on the planet. There is no need for a business to be locked in proprietary CMS and be at the mercy of a web development company. With Drupal, you can shift to another developer if your development company is not responsive enough or goes out of business. The strong army of Drupal developers can take it from where your earlier company left and impart additional functionality and features as desired.

With the above mentioned features and positives, it is not difficult to understand why Drupal is the choice for enterprises and corporate. Not just the features and what Drupal can do for you, but also the search engine optimization features help you sell more and get the most of your website in terms of sales and branding, which comes integrated.


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