posted on September 25th, 2014

7 Most Useful Features of iOS 8

IOS 8 Application

Everyone at Cynexis has been buzzing for weeks about the release of the new iPhones and iOS 8. Cynexis managed to acquire four each of the new iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus, and the rest of us eagerly updated our iPhones and iPads to iOS 8. Now that we’ve finally had a few days to try out all the new features, here are our thoughts on the most useful changes.


“Everyone who works at Cynexis or with Cynexis knows I’m always on the go. My iPhone has been a huge asset in helping me run my business from the road. While I love the new sleek look of my iPhone 6, the most useful feature is the ability to reply to notifications, without leaving my current app. It’s more efficient for me to reply to contractors, clients, friends, and families with just a quick swipe.” –Jason Howard, Managing Partner

“With the time difference between the US and India, I’m always on my phone to stay in touch via email with both teams, even if I’m not in the office. The multitasking email allows for quicker navigation between different email threads with colleagues and clients.” –Ashish Roy, Co-Owner

“If you follow me on Twitter or on Instagram, you know how much I love selfies. The new camera timer makes them so much easier to take! With the 3- or 10-second timer, I can even prop up my iPhone to take my picture. ‘Look, Ma! No hands!’” –Brita Long, Social Media Specialist

“If it weren’t for Jason, I probably wouldn’t even have an iPhone, but he’s convinced me of how great it is. I don’t have use for all the new features, but I do like the ability to leave quick voice messages instead of a text message. It’s so much easier than trying to type on those little buttons.” –Pat Brown, Administrative Specialist

“It is very convenient to hit the home key twice and see my recent contacts along with my recent apps.” –Krisha Kukreja, Office Manager

“I might have a real camera for my job, but outside of work, I find it easiest to just take photos with my iPhone. I love the updated camera that lets me manually adjust the exposure while I set up a shot. And afterward, if the angles weren’t exactly right, I can change those too!” –Melissa Beaver, Graphic Designer

“I never really liked iPhone’s keyboard. I’ve already upgraded to the popular Swype app.” –Aditya Bannatwala, Senior SEO Specialist

You’ve heard from us, but we want to hear from you! What’s your favorite new feature of iOS 8? What do you wish Apple had upgraded? Leave us a comment below.


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