posted on April 23th, 2011

Avon Lake Public Library

BY Jason Howard in Case Studies ,

About the Client

The Avon Lake public library is one of the most renowned libraries in the Cleveland  area. With over 137,000 items in their collection and a glorious history spanning 80 years, the Avon Lake public library has proclamation from the City of Avon Lake and recommendation from the Ohio House of Representatives.


A lot happens at the library and with more than 300,000 visitors, 1400 programs and meetings with over 32,000 attendees, managing and updating the information on a static website was not an easy task. The library also described their old website as “bland” and “unexciting”.

The library website clearly needed a professional look and feel coupled with functionality that lets them update news, events, meetings, page content and even their staff member information online, quickly.


Specifications and requirement documentation formed the part one of our approach to the redesign of the Avon Lake public library website. One of the major requirements was to have a lot of information online like policies, volunteering opportunities, event calendars, and departments. This was to be done without cluttering the home page or any other main landing page.

Cynexis started the website redesign effort with wireframing the requirements and the next step was mock up design based on the clients’ color choices. We found great images from the library's own collection which was extensively used on the website to make it look more personal.

Since managing all the information was a challenge infront of us, we chose to go ahead with Drupal as the choice of the content management system. Drupal’s powerful functionality, coupled with the custom modules that we developed for the Avon Lake public library made sure that “everything was editable”.

A major challenge in  Drupal integration was to match the remarkable UI (which was based on a Javascript tab library) to the node structure. The tabs had sub tabs and our Drupal developers did a great job at making sure that all the nodes corresponding to the Javascript tabs were made editable.

Custom modules were designed for the Library’s calendar of events and the meeting room booking and the events. These events can be easily edited by the library and old events automatically disappear from the calendar interface after the date has passed for a particular event.

We also designed and integrated a module for editable slider on the home page of the website. This meant that the library can create pages and they can edit the slider to link to the most important ones when needed.

The result?

Website Design, CMS development was done within a month and the site was ready for clients review much before the release deadline.



  • PHP 5
  • Drupal 6 CMS
  • jQuery
  • Javascript
  • Flash


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