posted on December 14th, 2016

Building an App Without an In-House Development Team

Building an App Without an In-House Development Team

Not long ago, you had to have a lengthy background in tech to create an app. If you had a great idea for an app, but didn’t know a lick about programming, you’d be hard pressed to bring your idea to fruition.

Luckily, today, anyone can build an app. It’s no longer limited to your skillset, and you don’t have to carry multiple degrees in technology to make your app a breathing, living thing. There are many resources available right at your fingertips – all you need is a viable idea.

When thinking up your app idea, there are several things you need to consider before you rush it to a development team. You need to thoroughly think through your idea, and make sure you focus on its core. Don’t jump the gun and get caught up with extra features or intricacies – they will only eat up your time and derail your focus.

Make sure you understand that your app can’t cater to everyone. Figure out the problem (or ideally, problems) that your app solves and find your niche. Do in depth research on the people who struggle with the problems your app solves, and find out what appeals to them. Don’t only analyze your target audience, but your competitors as well. Learn what your competitors are doing right, and most importantly what they’re doing wrong. If you can right their wrongs with your app, you’ll be more likely to gain users. If you find yourself without competitors, your idea may not be viable. At this point in the app game, successful apps exist in practically every avenue, and if a particular one is lacking, there’s probably a good reason.

Your best bet to create a successful app is to enlist the help of a custom web application development agency. They’ll know the ins and outs of the various marketplaces and can help you refine your idea so that it will perform as well as possible. Professional app builders will be able to help you set realistic goals for your app, whether it be a specific number of users or the possibility of making revenue.

Most mobile app development companies won’t only assist you with creating the app, but marketing it as well. To achieve the most success you should aim to market your app well before launch. You’ve already done the research on who your audience will be, so make good use of the development downtime and hook them. Create a website that gives details about your app – how it works, why it’s useful, etc.  – and hit your social media channels hard. Give influencers in your audience market beta versions of the app for them to review, just ensure the beta is in good working condition and will make the best impression possible.

When you’re ready to bring your app idea to the next level and find yourself in need of mobile application development services, look to Cynexis. We are an award-winning design agency with multiple apps under our belts. We not only know how to build a successful app, but to market one as well. Reach out to us online or give us a call at (614) 763-5050 to get your quote today!


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