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3 Digital Marketing Strategies to Consider in 2015

Email Marketing

Cynexis works with companies and businesses of all sizes, from Mom & Pop shops wanting their very first website to international organizations looking to rebrand and expand their digital reach. Regardless of where you are in your digital marketing journey,

Content Marketing: How to Use It to Convert Your Target Audience into Buyers

If your website receives lots of traffic from various sources but fails to convert those visitors into leads, chances are they either are not qualified for your business, or you are not producing content that is relevant to their needs.

How to Choose Blog Topics for Your Blogging Initiative

Building a blog requires lots of commitment of time and effort. One thing that will keep you going for a long time is the types of topics you blog about. Choosing a wrong topic will quickly discourage you before you

Common Blogging Mistakes and How to Correct Them

If you have been blogging for a while without seeing any significant results, chances are you are doing something wrong. Once you discover any blogging mistakes and rectify them, your blog will skyrocket at a pace you have never imagined.

Anchor Text and Its Impact on SEO

Google has a set of standards for ranking websites on search result pages (SERPs), and one of them is the use of anchor text. If many links point to a website or page with relevant keywords used as anchor text,

Why Content Is the Future of Marketing

A major shift is taking place in the marketing world. In the past, marketing meant paying for expensive advertising or trying to get coverage in the mainstream media. But the Internet has changed everything. Now businesses have the opportunity to

Three Simple Tips for Writing SEO Articles

The two main reasons for writing SEO articles include proper indexing by Google and other search engines and providing information for your targeted audience. Google categorizes content according to the purpose it is written for, with the aim of providing

Content Optimization: Increase Your Search Engine Visibility

Every piece of content you create should aim to solve a specific problem or meet a certain need that people want to find solutions for. One way to help Google and other search engines index your content appropriately, and to

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