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Questions to Ask When Hiring a Web Design Agency

In today’s technological age you can turn nearly anywhere for web design services. From small startups in your neighborhood to established companies in bigger cities, you can find a web design agency almost anywhere you look. Even though they’re so

Cynexis Presents Exciting New Website for SkyStream Technologies

Custom Wordpress Website

The SkyStreamX Android TV Box provides customers with the ultimate at-home viewing experience. With the SkyStreamX Android TV Box, users can stream their favorite TV shows, movies, and sporting events without having to pay an expensive monthly subscription. To highlight

Cynexis Media Launches New Custom Website for Linden Behavioral Pediatrics

Responsive Website

Columbus, OHIO, August 7, 2014- Linden Behavioral Pediatrics (LBP) is a premier clinical psychology practice serving pediatric patients in Northeast Ohio, specializing in the assessment and treatment of both children and adolescents. To better highlight their services to prospective clients

Cynexis Media Builds Local Business Website for John’s Barber

Local Business Website Design

Based in Westerville, Ohio since 1968, John’s Barber Shop is a family-owned barber shop that caters to a clientele looking for an affordable quality cut. John’s Barber Shop hired Cynexis Media to establish a web presence that displays business information

Why Web Design Isn’t a “Set It and Forget It” Project

Many business owners assume that web design is a one-off endeavor. But to maximize the results of your online marketing efforts, you must view web design as a long-term, ongoing process rather than something you only have to think about

Why Collaboration Between Web Designer and Client Is Vital

Without proper collaboration between client and web designer, designing a successful website isn’t possible. You, the client, must communicate your needs clearly to your web designer, and your web designer must be receptive to your ideas and feedback. The relationship

Getting Prepared for that First Website of Yours

It is an astonishing fact that more than 50% of the small business owners in the US still do not have a website. We believe that if you do not have a website, you are not ready for doing business

Business Website Design – An Investment in Experts and Expertise

As a web design and development company, we get this question volleyed to us more often than not – “What would it cost me to get my business website designed?” While we consider this as a legitimate and pertinent question,

Use Website Search to Improve Visitor Experience and Get More Intelligence

Website visitors come in all sizes and shapes, literally. They have different preferences, perceptions, uncertainties, expectations and your website needs to understand them and cater accordingly. One behavior of buying customers that is manifested across different industry types is the

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