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Adwords Remarketing – Instantly Re-Engage Lost Customers and Bring Them Back to your Website

Remarketing is a relatively new form of online advertising, introduced by Google to increase visitors and conversion rate and to improve the brand of any website. Remarketing allow you to communicate with people who have already visited pages of your

Google Adwords Bid Adjustment Reporting in Google Analytics

Bid Adjustment is a new feature in Google Adwords using which you can target the user's  device, location and time. This helps advertisers better control their ad spend and increase their CPA and total revenue generation.Bid adjustments make it easy

8 Tricks for Landing Page Content That Converts

Are the conversion statistics for the landing page(s) on your website or blog showing anemic results? Many businesses spend a sizeable portion of their marketing budget directing website traffic to their landing page through email and newsletter links, social media

Tracking QR Codes Using Google Analytics

QR Codes is an easy to use technique to connect the web and the print mediums. QR codes can be placed on print ads & materials, and are scanned via mobile devices and smartphones. The call to action for QR

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