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8 Social Media Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Is your social media marketing campaign bringing in lackluster results? Turn things around by learning how to avoid mistakes and improve your social media marketing efforts. The following are eight common social media mistakes that are detrimental to your online

10 Ways to Reduce Your Website’s Bounce Rate and Make It Sticky

A successful website is one that attracts a steady stream of qualified visitors and compels those visitors to stick around. That’s why bounce rate is an important factor to consider when testing the effectiveness of your website. Bounce rate is

7 Ways to Build Your Brand’s Credibility with Content Marketing

Building your brand’s credibility is crucial, no matter what industry you’re in, because your reputation has the power to make or break your business. People have a tendency to buy from companies with a proven track record. Here are 7

White Papers: How You Can Use Them to Attract New Customers

There are a wide variety of content marketing materials to build your marketing and brand, increase the credibility of your business, and help drive sales, but few have the long-term effectiveness and potency of white papers. What Is a White

8 Tricks for Landing Page Content That Converts

Are the conversion statistics for the landing page(s) on your website or blog showing anemic results? Many businesses spend a sizeable portion of their marketing budget directing website traffic to their landing page through email and newsletter links, social media

Press Release Marketing: How to Reach Your Prospective Clients with News Articles

Simple Ebook Marketing Tips to Grow Your Business

People like to have different types of helpful and practical information that solves their pressing problems in a single resource. One way you can give this to your customers and potential clients is by publishing an ebook. With different types

How a Blog Can Help Grow Your Business

Static, never-updated websites that serve as little more than business cards are no longer effective for doing business in today's content driven era. People quickly turn away as soon as they land on these types of websites. Why? Because there

Five Tips for Writing a Successful Blog Post

The internet houses millions of blog posts and articles, which makes it very difficult to get people to read your posts. This is a very big challenge every blogger has to endure in order to stay in the blogging game.

How to Write an Article Your Readers Will Share

Having a website on the web is one thing, but developing a content marketing plan and updating the site on a consistent basis with useful and informative content is another thing altogether. Owning a website these days requires regular updating

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