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Cynexis Launches New Interactive Website for CTEP at OSU

OSU Website Design

Columbus, OHIO, January 12, 2015- An innovative enterprise from the College of Nursing at OSU, the Center for Transdisciplinary Evidence-based Practice (CTEP) serves as a leader and a resource to health professionals and healthcare systems. Comprised of experts in EBP

Cynexis Launches New Church Website for the First Unitarian Society of Denver

Columbus, OHIO, July 2, 2014- The First Unitarian Society of Denver has been an active Colorado congregation since 1871. Wanting both to attract new members and to offer convenient services to current services, this church hired Cynexis Media to build

Website Redesign – Why SEO should be included from the start itself

This article helps you and your website designer in avoiding situations where 3 days prior to launch, you call upon the SEO expert to check the implementations of the newly redesigned site from an SEO perspective or worst yet, after

6 Reasons Why Drupal is the Best CMS for SEO-Friendly Site Architecture

The importance of a professional website cannot be undermined as a part of an effective online sales and branding strategy. Your business website provides first and a  lasting impression of your business on your customers and potential buyers. Along with

What can Drupal Content Management System Do For You?

Drupal has been at the forefront of website development since early 2007 and is known as one of the most reliable, cost effective, scalable and secure content management systems developed using open source PHP programming language. What many don’t know

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