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Proudly announcing Cynexis Media as a Google Partner now

Cynexis Media Google Partner Badge

COLUMBUS, Ohio – July 7, 2015 – Cynexis Media, a digital marketing and design agency, has fulfilled all requirements to become a Google Partner. Becoming a Google Partner and earning the Partner badge is a stamp of a healthy business

Adwords Remarketing – Instantly Re-Engage Lost Customers and Bring Them Back to your Website

Remarketing is a relatively new form of online advertising, introduced by Google to increase visitors and conversion rate and to improve the brand of any website. Remarketing allow you to communicate with people who have already visited pages of your

10 Ways to Reduce Your Website’s Bounce Rate and Make It Sticky

A successful website is one that attracts a steady stream of qualified visitors and compels those visitors to stick around. That’s why bounce rate is an important factor to consider when testing the effectiveness of your website. Bounce rate is

The When and Why of Hiring an SEO Agency vs. Doing SEO In-house

If you’re running a business that sells through the web either directly or indirectly, you would definitely look at search engine optimization as a crucial technique to build your website traffic base and for lead generation. Correctly implemented search engine

Website Redesign – Why SEO should be included from the start itself

This article helps you and your website designer in avoiding situations where 3 days prior to launch, you call upon the SEO expert to check the implementations of the newly redesigned site from an SEO perspective or worst yet, after

Why High Rankings on Google May Not Result Into Website Traffic?

Ranking is one of the most highly used, overused and abused SEO metrics. While most of the SEO experts are responsible for over-hyping this SEO performance measurement technique, the role of clients seeking higher results for every possible keyword, cannot

How to Get More Local Web Traffic from Google for Free

  Business owners find it intriguing when they read Internet consumption statistics telling them that over 60% of the local purchase decisions are made online and that as many as 78% of the customers research about services and products online,

Keys to Improving your Web Presence

This popular topic is presented in an insightful series of 6 articles, with this introductory overview being the first in our six-part series. In this part 1 introduction article, our goal is to give you a topical overview on the

How to Measure SEO Success Using Google Analytics?

Is my SEO working? This is a question that most businesses ask themselves and find no clear way of tracking just how much SEO is really working for their business. Most of the organizations are trapped in a unilateral way

Why Your New Website Doesn’t Rank Higher in Google Despite Good SEO?

Everyone wants to see their website ranking in the top 10 on Google for the keywords that matter the most to their business. You have gotten a great design which complies with W3C HTML standards, have remarkable content in form

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