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Why You Need to Implement Mobile Usability Testing

Mobile Usability Testing

With the massive growth in mobile device usage, desktop computers are no longer sufficient for keeping ahead of the competition. Companies are now expected to provide websites and applications that are designed specifically for their devices. This does not mean

Interface or Experience: The User’s Design Guide to UX and UI

Social Networking Website Design

Designing a website is a complex process with several different components working closely together to deliver a simplistic and enjoyable product for the user. Your website should integrate both User Experience Design (UX) and User Interface Design (UI) to create

Cynexis Implements PhoneGap Technology in Mobile Application Development

Cynexis Media LLC has started using PhoneGap technology in our mobile applications. PhoneGap is a free, open-source mobile development framework that our software developers can use to build hybrid apps with HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3, apps that can be used

How Web Design is Evolving for Tablet Users

Apple has again started created waves in the tech sphere with the recent launch of its iPad 2. Devices like iPad which are neither computers nor mobile phones and have a size and shape, screen resolution and screen width between

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