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Why You Need to Implement Mobile Usability Testing

Mobile Usability Testing

With the massive growth in mobile device usage, desktop computers are no longer sufficient for keeping ahead of the competition. Companies are now expected to provide websites and applications that are designed specifically for their devices. This does not mean

10 Ways to Reduce Your Website’s Bounce Rate and Make It Sticky

A successful website is one that attracts a steady stream of qualified visitors and compels those visitors to stick around. That’s why bounce rate is an important factor to consider when testing the effectiveness of your website. Bounce rate is

Home Sweet Home

Tips to enhance this most important page on your website We all know the importance of the home page in the entire scheme of the website. It is generally the first (and in many cases, the only) page that a

Tips for Enhanced Web Usability

Things you shouldn’t forget and things you should. The importance of a website for the success of any business is beyond question. We are willing to dedicate all resources at hand to build a powerful and effective online presence. And

Website Design Issues – a Closer Look at Website Information Architecture

The classic art v/s science debater extends to the discipline of website design very well. As many experts have duly noted, artful web design should be complemented by scientific information architecture principles. Information architecture is the science behind “findability” and

How Spelling Mistakes and Typos Can Ruin Your Website Visitors’ Experience

It was recently reported by BBC that website sales can drop to an extent of 50% if it has even a single spelling error. Most of the online sales depend on the written communication and faltering here means your website

How to Increase Conversions on your PPC Campaign Landing Pages

A landing page can be any page on your website designed specifically to convert a stream of targeted traffic into subscribers, leads or customers. Conversion is the inherent property of a landing page and it happens when the visitors take

Keys to Improving your Web Presence

This popular topic is presented in an insightful series of 6 articles, with this introductory overview being the first in our six-part series. In this part 1 introduction article, our goal is to give you a topical overview on the

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