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Google Adwords Bid Adjustment Reporting in Google Analytics

Bid Adjustment is a new feature in Google Adwords using which you can target the user's  device, location and time. This helps advertisers better control their ad spend and increase their CPA and total revenue generation.Bid adjustments make it easy

Is an Attractive Website Enough to Improve My Marketing?

Marketing managers and business owners know the importance of an attractive website to capture audience attention and make them “wow”. True, it takes one brilliant design idea to send your business soaring. There is no room for “build it and

Google Analytics Keyword Data Not Provided

Google Analytics is an indispensible tool for anyone running a website. It doesn’t matter if you’re a non-profit or an enterprise or a blogger, the information that Google Analytics shares with you is highly useful and actionable. Even a quick

Why High Rankings on Google May Not Result Into Website Traffic?

Ranking is one of the most highly used, overused and abused SEO metrics. While most of the SEO experts are responsible for over-hyping this SEO performance measurement technique, the role of clients seeking higher results for every possible keyword, cannot

Critical Mistakes to Avoid While Designing Your Business Website

Most of the small and mid-size businesses in US still think of website as a peripheral entity to the day-to-day operations of their business. Most of them still do not realize the potential of their own website and the kind of pivotal role it is capable of playing when it comes to Integrated Marketing.

How to Measure SEO Success Using Google Analytics?

Is my SEO working? This is a question that most businesses ask themselves and find no clear way of tracking just how much SEO is really working for their business. Most of the organizations are trapped in a unilateral way

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