posted on December 28th, 2011

Kitchen & Bathroom Cabinets Website Design – For Choice Cabinet

BY Jason Howard in Case Studies ,

About the Client

With “Affordable Elegance” as their positioning statement, Choice Cabinet ( uniquely fits in between a wide gap of an overall cluttered cabinet marketplace. On one end of the market spectrum there exist the big box retailers and online cabinet peddlers who are more focused on selling low-quality cabinets that come with very little support from the suppliers. On the other end of the cabinet market, exists a diminishing mix of custom cabinet makers that can be very high priced, but deliver the maximum level of customization and service, at a high price.

For customers that need a custom cabinet service experience at stock cabinet prices, Choice Cabinet is the perfect answer Choice cabinet provides cabinets, accessories and solutions for the entire home with the focus being on improving and modernizing the kitchen. These cabinets are constructed from better materials, the craftsmanship is more like what you would see in a custom cabinet and they back their product quality with a limited lifetime warranty

The Need

With the website redesign, Choice Cabinet’s objective was to emphasize the distinction of their quality materials and designs. Also, when users land on their new website they should see that Choice has the best styles as standard products. The service level difference that makes Choice more similar to a custom cabinet provider at stock cabinet prices needed to be communicated properly.

People perceive all stock cabinets are similar in quality and hence it was a challenge to develop graphics and content to overcome this perception.

Their existing website, in their own words, was neither inviting nor intriguing. It was a plain looking website with serious navigation issues and virtually no differentiation from other players in the industry.

The Web Solution

The impediments in unleashing the true potential of a vivacious, customer-friendly company were identified and now it was time to overcome these obstacles. From website planning and wireframing to design, the immense potential of this niche player in the cabinets market was realized to its fullest. Cynexis devoted time in identifying all the important elements of their online presence such as:

  • Their social integration needs.
  • The graphics and layout planning for exuding quality at affordable prices.
  • Their need to keep the website content updated.
  • Their need to track visitors’ activity on the new website.
  • Their requirement for displaying dealers that they have across the states.

As can be seen from our elaborate planning and steps that we take for careful execution, we are not just another web design firm. We pride in being a marketing company that provides valuable solutions for all your online needs.

We proposed Drupal as the content management solution for this website. Drupal, with its awesome list of modules scores at the top when it comes to offering editable galleried of videos and photos, image and text based content, Google maps integration, automate the loading of large amount of datasets and a secure platform for development that is completely scalable

Drupal helps choice cabinet in maintaining all the facets of their business. This includes their products, product showcases and locations of their dealers from where these cabinets can be purchased.

The result?

Choice Cabinet’s website was not only praised by their customers and their partners, but also by their friends and family. Choice Cabinet’s marketing team gets an apt representation of their company and products’ strengths. The website distinguishes this business well and targets it properly to the customer segment that needs these solutions the most.

The content management solution which is based on the Drupal platform, helped them in decreasing their dependency on web designers and at the same time, still being able to update the website as and when required.


  • PHP 5
  • Drupal 6 CMS
  • Drupal CCK, jQuery and Image Gallery Modules
  • Editable Slideshows built using jQuery
  • Javascript and AJAX
  • MySQL


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