posted on August 13th, 2014

Cynexis Launches PureDirection’s Website with Custom Responsive WordPress Theme

Responsive Website Design

PureDirection teaches entrepreneurial leadership teams EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System), a complete, self-sustaining management system. Headed by Professional EOS implementer Connie T. Chwan, PureDirection works with companies to increase their value by training their leaders to identify and accomplish company priorities. Needing to promote PureDirection’s services online, Connie hired Cynexis Media to build a custom website.
Cynexis built PureDirection’s new website in WordPress, a user-friendly content management system with a thriving worldwide community. We built a completely custom WordPress theme with responsive web design just for PureDirection, allowing their website to stand out to potential customers. With a responsive theme, end users can easily access the website on all devices, from tablets to laptops. Other technical details include:

  • Scripting and HTML5 coding
  • CSS Media Queries Write Up
  • Bootstrap integration for JS and jQuery Libraries
    Cynexis designed a four-page website to market PureDirection’s business model to prospective clients. Calling upon our expertise in branding and design, we created a unique logo for PureDirection and subtly integrated the logo throughout the entire website design. Complementary colors, easy navigation, modern logos, and clear calls-to-action all contribute to the consistent branding of the EOS expertise offered by Connie and PureDirection. Instead of cluttering the website with unimportant details, we built four simple pages: Home, About, Resources, Contact.
    About PureDirection:
    At PureDirection, Connie works with business owners and their leadership teams simplify their management process so they can gain more control of their business.
    Phone: (614) 579-0213


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