posted on October 7th, 2013

Cynexis Launches the New Website for 911Cellular

BY Jason Howard in News Release ,

911 CellularColumbus OHIO, Oct 07, 2013- 911Cellular provides emergency services with technologies that allow departments to better manage both mass and personal emergencies, in an effort to create a safer nation. 911Cellular personnel hold safety patents from the United States Patent Office, and have conducted safety seminars at some of America’s largest institutions. With cooperation from our partner organizations, we are supporting a national outreach effort to help support professional safety. To better highlight our products and promote safety to our clients, 911Cellular is launching a new website, complete with a safety resource center, multiple ways to contact us, and more.
911Cellular’s new website is designed on WordPress and incorporates Jquery and My SQL. Our clients will appreciate the increased functionality offered by several WordPress plugins, such as the new interactive Google map, the option to chat live with a 911Cellular representative, and a live twitter feed.
911Cellular currently offers two products to improve public safety. TeacherLink ® and StudentShield ® are the by-products of law enforcement professionals, students, IT specialists and educators working together to evaluate the variety of safety issues facing our schools. As a result, TeacherLink and StudentShield are all your department needs to effectively manage the most severe of school emergencies and the campus areas. Our new website not only explains the features of each app, but illustrate exactly how the apps function.

Features include:
  • Mass Notification – send messages & photos to different networks like facebook, twitter, email addresses, etc.
  • Safety Check – Students walking alone can set a safety check simply by specifying their estimated time of arrival. If they don’t check in with the system before the end time, their emergency contacts are notified.
  • Desktop Panic ButtonsDesigned to keep staff better protected, this panic button installs on any classroom computer. If a teacher feels threatened, a double-click on the Campus Pal icon silently alerts campus security and provides the building, floor and room number of the service call.
Professionals, educators, and anyone interested in school or workplace safety should take a look at 911Cellular’s new website to see how we can improve safety communications for you.
About 911Cellular:
Located just outside of Cleveland, Ohio, 911Cellular personnel have over 20 years of experience in law enforcement and technologies related to the industry.
21403 Chagrin Blvd. Suite 220
Beachwood, OH 44122 USA
Phone: 1-855-886-1871


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