posted on February 26th, 2015

Cynexis Media Builds a Responsive Website for McGraw-Hill Education

McGraw-Hill Website Design

Columbus, OHIO, February 26, 2015- Cynexis Media is elated to announce the launching of McGraw-Hill Education’s new district website.  McGraw-Hill’s educators wanted to ensure that students, faculty and other visitors have access to their digital learning environment anywhere and anytime.  In order to achieve their desired web design, they hired Cynexis Media to build and deliver a custom website that is clear and readable across all platforms.


The creative team at Cynexis Media began the design by using a user-friendly content management system, WordPress 4.1.1. Web Application Development. The WordPress CMS provides full control of the backend to update website content and make changes as needed. This allows McGraw-Hill’s team to easily change the template on any landing page within the site.

Our designers customized a Responsive Web Design exclusively for McGraw-Hill’s website. We achieved a responsive design through HTML5 and dynamic CSS media queries that identify the device and present the user with the best and most optimized view for that device. In addition to the responsive design, our web designers developed an entirely custom WordPress theme solely for McGraw-Hill Education. Utilizing McGraw-Hill’s current branding, color scheme, and logo, Cynexis Media was able to create a website that revolutionized their message of higher education.

For the programming, the Cynexis team deployed a Login Registration through a custom-created plugin. The functionality served to enhance engaging visitors’ experience and to create a more visually-appealing site.

Our skilled designers, front-end developers, and programmers at Cynexis Media customized a website for McGraw-Hill Education that is now easily understandable, searchable, and navigable for prospective students and educators.

About McGraw-Hill Education:

McGraw-Hill Education works with students, educators, and administrators to optimize performance and results through engaging, adaptive, and personalized education.


McGraw-Hill Education
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