posted on February 5th, 2015

Cynexis Media Builds Hybrid Mobile App for RightMeow

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Columbus, OHIO, Feb 5, 2015- RightMeow is a hybrid mobile app that allows users to buy and sell products and services. To address the wait period and pickup related hassles on popular platforms such as Craigslist, Dana Peters envisioned a mobile app that lets buyers and sellers transact quickly and immediately. To bring this app idea to reality, Peters hired Cynexis Media to work closely as mobile and web partners for RightMeow.


The screen design of the RightMeow app easily guides the users through the set-up process so they can post their ads, get the buyers to see those ads, and contact the buyers easily. This app lives and breathes simplicity which is delivered via creative design and a robust programming backend. Negotiation amongst the users is made easy with the one-to-one message system.

Cynexis built RightMeow’s mobile app using the PhoneGap app development framework. PhoneGap is a frontend application development that uses HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript to create hybrid apps that run native on both Android and iPhone platforms. PhoneGap provides APIs that allow users to use device-specific features such as the camera and GPS. Using the RightMeow app, sellers can add a new product by uploading an existing picture or taking new ones through the phone camera.

Cynexis created a miles slider in HTML with Jquery. We also created a mile-based search for items that are then visible on Google Map. With an indefinite scroll, users are also able to go through a list of “ads” posted by the sellers based on the GPS radius. These ads can be filtered by a category.

The RightMeow app opens with a splash screen followed by the login/register screens. To ensure better adoption for users, Cynexis created a Facebook and Google+ login/register functionality. We created a new customized PHP backend that allows the admin to get the list of users and modified categories. To communicate the PHP backend, we used JSON API. This allows users to send messages to other users and add or edit items to sell. The Messaging system will store the communication between the sellers and the buyers and will let the users filter and search through them.

Overall, Cynexis has included the design and functionality of 25 screens for the RightMeow app. Every element of design and the backend functions work in a clean and efficient manner to create a rewarding experience for the users of this application.

About RightMeow:

RightMeow is a mobile app that serves as a marketplace to connect buyers to sellers of any product or service. Users are able to negotiate efficiently and rapidly with this free marketplace.

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