posted on October 16th, 2013

Cynexis Media Launches Online Portal for Client Communication & Quick Invoice Payment

BY Jason Howard in News Release ,

ccColumbus, OHIO, October 1, 2013- Cynexis Media offers digital marketing services to help businesses of all sizes improve their presence online, market their business with stunning branding materials, and more. Cynexis Media is now offering a new way for clients to interact with us online.

Cynexis Media has launched a new feature on the website called Client Corner, a password-protected online portal exclusive to established clients. When clients login to this online portal, they access multiple exclusive benefits to assist them with their projects. These include detailed FAQ sections, direct links to Basecamp and ProofHQ, an additional means of contacting project managers, and invoice records.

The FAQ sections are a valuable resource for website administrators. Cynexis Media has compiled a list of FAQs for both Drupal and WordPress projects, allowing clients to control their newly designed and constructed websites. Clients can keep track of ongoing projects with quick access to Basecamp and ProofHQ and contact their project managers via the new messaging system. Furthermore, when using Client Corner, clients can also opt to pay their invoices online. If they choose to pay in advance of the due date, they receive a 5% discount on their invoice.

Client Corner is also an example of the custom programming that Cynexis Media creates for clients. This feature is one that we can add on to your existing website or include with a new website development. Websites with considerable customer interaction will benefit from a “members only” section restricted by password access. Ecommerce businesses in particular will benefit by giving their customers a way to save their payment and shipping options.

About Cynexis Media

Cynexis Media is a passionate team of UI developers, digital marketers, creative designers and mobile/web application developers who leverage the web and the mobile platforms (both iOS and Android) to deliver successful online solutions for clients. Cynexis Media has the proven track record necessary in digital marketing, website design, brand and identity, and custom applications to build a successful online presence for businesses of all sizes.

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