posted on August 19th, 2014

Cynexis Presents Exciting New Website for SkyStream Technologies

Custom Wordpress Website

The SkyStreamX Android TV Box provides customers with the ultimate at-home viewing experience. With the SkyStreamX Android TV Box, users can stream their favorite TV shows, movies, and sporting events without having to pay an expensive monthly subscription. To highlight all the features offered with their TV Box, SkyStream Technologies hired Cynexis Media to build them an interactive, cutting-edge website.
Cynexis built SkyStream Technologies a brand-new, custom website in WordPress, a popular and user-friendly content management system. We also incorporated responsive web design, enabling end users to access the SkyStream website on all devices, including smart phones and tablets. Finally, Cynexis integrated both WooCommerce and PayPal plugins, allowing clients to purchase their SkyStreamX Android TV Boxes directly from the website.
Cynexis designed the website to demonstrate the best features offered by the SkyStreamX Android TV Box. Each section of the home page is sleek, appealing to a tech-savvy clientele. End users can click on the various customized icons that represent different benefits of buying a SkyStreamX Android TV Box. They can also scroll through all the different options to connect to the TV Box, with a changing image that indicates each port, like HDMI and Ethernet.
Additional details include social media integration, a discussion forum, a blog, and a contact form.
About SkyStream Technologies:
SkyStream Technologies is the business behind the innovative and user-friendly SkyStreamX Android TV Box, the preferred technology for customers who want to stream their favorite media whenever they want.
SkyStream Technologies:
Phone: 888-963-9105


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