posted on January 27th, 2015

Cynexis Releases New Website for America’s Best Moving Company

Responsive Website Design Columbus Ohio

Columbus, OHIO, January 27, 2015- As one of the most referred companies in the moving industry, America’s Best Moving Company of Columbus, Ohio and Cincinnati, Ohio provides their customers with the resources and services to make relocation cost-effective, efficient, and pleasant. To better highlight their moving services and attract new clients, America’s Best Moving Company hired Cynexis to enhance their website and allow visitors to easily inquire and get in touch with them for their moving needs.

Cynexis created a custom-designed website that is responsive. Through HTML5 and dynamic CSS media queries, the responsive website will identify the device and present the user with the best and most optimized view for that device. This allows users to access the website on all devices, from smart phones to tablets, laptops to desktop computers. For security purposes, Cynexis used the “All-in-One WP-Security and Firewall” plugin.

The details of the services provided by America’s Best Moving Company are all incorporated in this newly designed site. Cynexis strategically created the website to allow visitors to easily contact them with their needs. The “Get a quote” section is available on the sidebar and the footer, which will redirect users to the full form of the “Get a quote” section. This form will send an e-mail to the company and the company will reply to the user. On mobile browsers, all phone numbers are clickable, so one click will make a call to the company.  All of the content is easily visible on the front end of the website and is manageable from the admin side.

Cynexis designed a cutting-edge website that allows America’s Best Moving Company to showcase their experience and moving services.

About America’s Best Moving Company:

America’s Best Moving Company is equipped with top-quality moving services and resources. They offer storage, packing, and unpacking for any in-state move. With great attention to detail and premier services, America’s Best Moving Company is amongst the top in the moving industry.


1911 Glenn Ave,
Columbus, OH 43212
Phone: 614-571-7398


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