posted on April 25th, 2014

Cynexis unveils the newly designed website for Schiff Capital Group

Schiff Capital Website DesignApril 25, 2014- Schiff Capital Group is a privately held real estate and investment firm headquartered in Columbus, Ohio. Schiff specializes in project assessment, development, and financing in the multi-family, retail and office asset classes. To better highlight their services, establish their brand, and attract new clients, Schiff hired Cynexis through the redesign of their website. Schiff requested a new minimalist design to convey their professionalism and experience.
Cynexis redesigned the Schiff Capital Group website using a PHP driven content management system, incorporating responsive design. Cynexis used Zurb Foundation CSS to build the responsive web design. By making Schiff’s website responsive, Cynexis enabled Schiff’s target audience of lenders, developers, investors, and potential residents to access the Schiff website on all devices, from smartphones to tablets. Schiff’s new website has a clean, modern look and feel to it. With a bold navigational bar and dropdown menu, the new Schiff website is user-friendly.
About Schiff Capital Group:
Schiff Capital specializes in buying, selling, and developing properties, obtaining and providing financing, and using its extensive experience to structure complex real estate deals and business transactions. Their financing services include assistance with construction financing, permanent long-term lending needs as well as equity participation in real estate projects and unique business opportunities.
Schiff Capital Group:
88 East Broad
Street Suite 1750
Columbus, OH 43215


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