posted on June 15th, 2011

Website Design for Engineering Solutions Company Girard Associates

BY Jason Howard in Case Studies ,

About The Client

Based in Cleveand, OH, Girard is a leading manufacturer and sales and services organization for the forging industry. The company offers engineering solutions which are best in quality. Girard is a multi-company organization with an –

  • Engineering Division (Girard Engineering)

  • Cutting Equipment Division (TMJ)

  • Ring Rolling division (SMS Meer)

  • Heavy Payload Material Handling Division (GLAMA)

  • Induction Heaters for Forge (CEFI)

  • Meta Forming Division (Hatebur)


Girard Group of companies is a known brand in the forging industry. From cutting edge products to reliable after sales service and support, the Girard network is huge. All these companies within the parent Girard USA, needed a professional design that speaks volumes about their quality and professionalism. Unfortunately, their old website wasn’t able to convey this message online properly and hence there was a need to redesign this website.

Girard’s project implementations too needed a better showcasing on the website. The aim was to tell the visitors about the robustness of their industrial project management skills. Also, every company within Girard also wanted their own website to be completely under their control for better information and content management, which is typical of a multi-company industrial establishment.


Cynexis web solutions are always focused on website users and ease of management. While we knew that the client needed a conservative yet appealing redesign, we understood that product management under multiple companies is the foremost requirement. Equipment lists vary from company to company and so did the specifications, technical data sheets and the individual machine parts.

To address the issue of product management, we used custom CCK module in Drupal and created the navigation within products using the Drupal Taxonomy module. The menu within products was made dynamic so that this major industrial company can add or delete products, as they wish. This proved to be an apt solution for this industrial client where every technological innovation effaces out older models and introduces newer ones.

For showcasing their project implementation excellence, Cynexis developed a custom image library module in Drupal which was built using jQuery and AJAX. This module lets admin add project images and also specify their order. When clicked, a small image expands and shows in the page below which looks interactive and detailed, both. We also integrated this module with taxonomy and menus in Drupal so that new sub categories of projects can be added for further showcasing.

Cynexis’ Drupal Developers ensured that not only ALL the pages and the header images are editable, but even the jQuery slideshow text and images on the Girard Engineering are editable. This was useful for Girard as their Engineering division can now showcase the most important and latest happenings on the home page and even create a page on the website for it and link to it.

As far as web design is concerned, the client was happy with the quick turnaround of professional looking websites. Our web designers were able to create professional designs for each of the companies. While, subtlety was an important factor, branding was the most important consideration for us. The UI was developed in compliance with W3C standards and our web design experts made it easier for our web developers by using tableless, div based CSS layouts. Needless to say, the time to implementation and Drupal integration was reduced to half since all the web programming and HTML/CSS development best practices were duly followed.

The result?

Girard group of companies got an apt representation of their capabilities, expertise and experience via a professional website design. The content management solution helped them in decreasing their dependency on web designers and at the same time, still being able to update the website at will.


  • PHP 5
  • Drupal 6 CMS Integration
  • Drupal Custom Modules
  • Editable jQuery
  • Javascript and AJAX
  • MySQL



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