posted on September 1th, 2011

How Spelling Mistakes and Typos Can Ruin Your Website Visitors’ Experience

It was recently reported by BBC that website sales can drop to an extent of 50% if it has even a single spelling error. Most of the online sales depend on the written communication and faltering here means your website users see you as sloppy, lazy and erroneous business units who are just interested in taking their money.

Savvy business owners understand the need of well-trained and professional copywriters who can bring forth great content to the website, however most people overlook the importance of letting the content pass through multiple eyes or re-reading and proofreading the content that has been produced. A solid content strategy yields a dismal performance if content is plagued with errors and typos.

This is true in US, in England and true in a country where English is a second language. For opinions to be heard or brands to be sold, it is important to communicate clearly. Content written on your website is the first channel to establish a “connect” with your online audience. If the content on your website is riddled with spelling errors or typos, what are people going to think? Do you think that the “connect” will be maintained for long?

Truly remarkable content that is free of errors goes a long way in establishing what most companies want online – trust. Most of the website visitors are filled with FUD and it completely occupies their mindset when the credit card is about to come out to pay for your product/service.

A few tips to avoid spelling errors and typos on your website:

  • Review your written piece after an hour or two – Assertion plays a big role in blinding us. While writing, you’re passing through a series of emotions which is blocking your perception of reality. Where on one hand it makes your points more passionate and topical, your content becomes prone to obvious errors in grammar, spelling or misinterpretations.

  • Hire a proofreader or get someone else to read – People love to read and write and many do it for a living. If your website will be representing your business, a copywriter/proofreader may be an important part of your online team. The same person can help you in your print write-ups too.

  • Do not rely on spell-check programs – Most of them will only catch spelling errors, but not misrepresentation errors. “On” can be replaced with “One” and this typo may get unnoticed. I just typed the word “type” rather than “typo” towards the start of this sentence, but proofed it to get rid of the error.

  • Final Review – They always help. Even re-read and proof-read content may have errors. Remember reading your content piece once again before you publish it or print it.

Be careful, in a nutshell. If you are a quality company, promising higher level of product and service experience, it is better that your content reflects your philosophy. You may spend a lot of time in quality website design or immaculate internet marketing, but most of it won't matter a lot if your content has loopholes in it.


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