posted on June 5th, 2015

How To Build Brand Awareness Through Social Media

BY Jason Howard in Social Media ,
Social Media Marketing

Today, there are many options when it comes to marketing your business. These options vary based on your needs, but regardless there are things to consider when building awareness for your brand.

The success of your business relies on how effective you are in creating visibility and awareness for your brand, products or services. You may choose to spend a lot of money on a huge marketing budget, but you can get the same or better exposure through social media channels.


75% of marketers reported an increase in traffic while more than 64% generated an increase in leads by spending just 6 hours each week on social media. Social media can drastically change your public profile, 82% of buyers say they have more trust in a company when it is active on social media.

The first thing you need to do is know your platforms. Each social network is different from the next. They appeal to different targeted audiences based on their sex, social status, interests, and other demographics. Targeting the wrong social network could cost you time and money. Below is an infographic demonstrating the size of the major social media platforms to better educate yourself on just how many people you could potentially reach.

When you are ready to establish your social media presence it’s important to stay focused. Establish yourself on a select few social media sites first before expanding to other websites. Taking on too many social media sites in the beginning stretches your resources and time, limiting your ability to interact with your customers and upload content.

Once you’ve established the social networks you will be focusing on, the next step is to create interesting content that will appeal to your target audience. The content should reflect what the target audience wants. This means you need to gain an understanding about your target audience. Learn about the topics that are important to them and then present it in a way that will resonate.

Some audiences prefer long and descriptive academic articles that are filled with well-researched information about products and services they are interested in. Others may prefer content with a more visual appeal, with thoughts explained in graphics, pictures and videos.

Every time your followers share your content, it goes out to their network of friends who in turn may share it. This gains you likes or followers on your respective social media site, increasing your online presence and visibility.

After you have created good content, timing is key to engagement. According to studies, you can reach the highest potential in engaging with customers during peak social media usage times between 1:00 pm and 3:00 pm, with engagement increasing by 18% on Thursdays and Fridays. Information like this can help you plan your engagement strategy to best increase your following.

Now that you have good content, the correct platform, and the best possible time to reach your target, the next step is to interact with them. A key element to boosting brand awareness through social media is to establish a healthy engagement with targeted audiences. Be available to your customers for questions, concerns and praises. Be visible on your social media pages.

If after all of this you want to increase your visibility even more, try social media advertising. It’s very advantageous to expand your campaigns and include paid social media advertising.

Yes, social media is free but making use of paid advertising channels can get your brand right in front of highly targeted audiences. Facebook provides very specific targeting features including age, gender, education, likes and geography. LinkedIn provides advertising to get your name at the top of the search results for your keywords. Twitter offers promoted tweets to get your tweets at the top of the page for your search term. Making use of these platforms can drastically enhance your brand visibility and awareness.

Social media is a powerful and effective tool for driving targeted traffic, engagement, conversions, and even sales from the enormous number of users accessing their social media accounts. It is important to understand how effective social media can be for boosting brand awareness, and these guides can help you establish a social media strategy that will put your brand right on top of the social map.


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