posted on October 25th, 2012

How to Choose Blog Topics for Your Blogging Initiative

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Building a blog requires lots of commitment of time and effort. One thing that will keep you going for a long time is the types of topics you blog about. Choosing a wrong topic will quickly discourage you before you make any significant progress. To the contrary, blogging about subjects that you are passionate about will keep you motivated along the way. But how do you choose the right theme to write about? Continue reading to find out.

How Choosing a Good Blog Topic Can Help You

  • Easy and regular updating – Having a list of selected topics to write about on your blog makes it easy to keep it updated regularly. The fact that you are passionate about your chosen themes will make article writing a lot easier.

  • Relationship building – Producing useful, helpful and informative articles about your chosen topics on a consistent basis will help build trust and credibility with your target audience. This will make them perceive you as a thought leader in your industry, and consequently they will buy whatever product or service you are offering.

  • Improved SEO – Google craves content. A blog with a good track record of frequent, unique and helpful articles is indexed quickly and on a regular basis. This will help your site’s search engine optimization greatly. The more articles you publish on your blog, the quicker Google will index it, and the more visible it will be to potential clients.

Five Important Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Blog Topic

To choose a blog theme that will help you achieve success quickly, consider the factors below.

1. Your Level of Interest in the Topic

A successful blog needs to be updated on a consistent basis. One thing that can help your blog grow into a thriving one is when you are enthusiastic about the topics. This will not only help keep the blog updated regularly but will also make writing easy.

2. Knowledge about the Theme

Besides being passionate about the topics, how comfortable do you feel discussing and sharing your opinion on them? Writing about subjects you find easy to discuss will help you build an engaging community around the blog.

3. Ability to Research

Every article that you publish on your blog must be well researched. To make your blogging initiative a success, you must be comfortable conducting in-depth research on the chosen topics. This will motivate you to produce informative and helpful content tailored to needs of your readers.

4. Competition

Consider the competitiveness of the niche you are trying to blog about. Ask yourself these questions: How competitive is the niche? How can you penetrate it to make your voice heard? What aspect of the niche is less competitive and how can you tackle that angle? How difficult will it be to succeed with the topic? Asking questions like these will help you come up with brilliant strategies that will make your blog stand out from the crowd.

5. Target Audience’s Needs

Are people really searching for the topics you want to blog about? How much search volume per day and month do the themes receive? You can find this out with a free keyword research tool owned by Google– Adword Keyword Tool. If a topic receives less search volumes, there is likelihood that only a few people are interested in it. Don’t waste your time writing about that. Keep researching until you find an angle to tackle in the niche.

Topic selection can make or break a blogging initiative. But when you take your time to plan and consider the factors above before building a blog, the blog will not only grow successfully but will facilitate content creation, and help establish your credibility within a short period of time.

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