posted on December 24th, 2012

How to Create an Effective Tagline for Your Business Website

BY Jason Howard in Blog ,

A tagline is a short, snappy phrase that characterizes your business. Taglines consist of just a few words of copy that are connected with your company’s name and may integrate with your logo.

Website taglines are used to quickly get a website’s message and purpose across. They are generally located above, below, or next to the site ID. Here are some important qualities that every website tagline must have:

Clear– A good tagline is clear and informative, not vague or difficult to understand. A tagline must not contain any empty words!

Concise – The best taglines are long enough to convey the right message, but short enough to digest easily.

Differentiate your brand – The last thing you want is a generic tagline that makes you sound like everybody else. Think about your unique selling proposition and the qualities that set your brand apart, and then make sure that your tagline communicates these differentiating factors.

Describes a key benefit – An effective tagline communicates a key benefit of your website, either directly or just by hinting at it.

Memorable – Create a tagline that grabs people’s attention and is easy to remember so that prospects can repeat it to others. After all, a tagline that your target audience can’t even retain won’t be of much use.

Lively and clever – Dare to be different! Just make sure that your desire to be clever doesn’t obscure your tagline’s meaning and the benefits your website offers.

If your brand has already achieved household name status, you can probably get away without having a tagline. But even if your brand is fairly well-known, having a tagline is beneficial because it immediately tells visitors why they are better off on your website instead of one of your competitors’ websites. Even if you already have a well-established brand in the offline world, your website’s purpose may be slightly different. It’s important to explain the difference by creating a unique tagline specifically for your website.

Tips for Brainstorming a Unique Tagline

Coming up with an appropriate tagline for your business website could take anywhere from a matter of minutes to weeks. Some of the best taglines in advertising history are incredibly simple, such as Nike’s “Just do it.” But thinking of a good idea isn’t always easy.

The process of creating a tagline usually starts with brainstorming sessions. Writing a tagline is one of the few copywriting tasks that is actually better to do in a group because other people will be able to come up with ideas and words that you probably wouldn’t have been able to think of on your own.

Creating an effective tagline is generally a combination of strategy, inspiration, and plain old good luck. While brainstorming, think about your unique selling proposition, the positioning statement of your product or service, the advantages you have over your competitors, and the qualities that make your product or service different. Then, start creating a list keywords and phrases that are related to your company, website, and product or service.

Don’t censor yourself or judge anything that you write down on your list. The longer your list, the better! Some tools that will help you expand your list include a thesaurus and rhyming dictionary. You can also look up the origin and history of words to come up with more ideas.

Mix and Match Words

Once you have a meaty list of potential words in front of you, start moving the words around and combining them in different ways. Highlight any combinations that stand out and then start narrowing down your list. Even if a potential tagline isn’t well developed, you can always tweak it and improve it later.

Try to create taglines that communicate the benefits your target audience will receive by doing business with you. For example, if you run a dry cleaning business, your tagline might convey the benefits of speed, reliability, cleanliness, and convenience. If you’re selling blenders, some benefits you may want to communicate include speed, durability, power, and versatility. Focus on the benefits your product or service offers to come up with taglines that resonate with your target audience.  

Ask Around for Opinions

Once you’ve compiled a few good taglines, ask friends, colleagues, and family members what they think about them. Don’t reveal which taglines are your favorites – the goal is to gauge their first impressions and get their unbiased opinions. Some questions to ask people when they evaluate your taglines include the following:

  • Is it memorable?
  • Does it communicate a benefit?
  • Does it stand out from the competition?
  • Does it fit the brand’s personality?

Narrow down your list to just two or three options based on the feedback you get. Making the final decision will be tough – you may end up having to decide on a tagline with a coin toss!

Taglines are an important part of your business’s identity. If you need help coming up with a website tagline that encapsulates your brand and highlights your unique selling proposition, get in touch with Cynexis e-marketing experts and web designers. We’ll help you build a distinctive online presence that attracts the right prospects and takes your marketing efforts to a new level. Contact us today for more information about our integrated marketing and design services.


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