posted on December 5th, 2016

How You Can Reduce Your Website’s Bounce Rate

BY Jason Howard in Internet Marketing ,
How You Can Reduce Your Website’s Bounce Rate

When you venture into the realm of the digital marketing solutions, there are many terms you’ll hear floating around, and one of those may be ‘bounce rate’.  So, what is bounce rate, and why do so many people talk about it?

Simply put, bounce rate is the percentage of single page visitors your website sees. More complexly put, bounce rate tells you the number of visitors that enter your site and then leave without visiting any of your other pages. You can discover your bounce rate through web analytics tools, like Google Analytics.

Why are bounce rates important?

The answer is simple – if you have a poor bounce rating it suggests that users aren’t finding what they need on your website, or that it’s not user friendly. The purpose of a website is to get visitors to convert and perform an action, whether that be to make a purchase or to read your latest article. If that action isn’t being performed, you have a problem, and that’s what your bounce rate will inform you of.

How do you know if you have a good or bad bounce rate? Here are some realistic averages you should compare to:

  • Content Websites: 40-60%
  • Lead Generation: 30-50%
  • Blogs: 70-98%
  • Retail Sites:  20-40%
  • Service Sites: 10-30%
  • Landing Pages: 70-90%

If you’re not falling within these rates, you may need to do some work, but don’t worry – not all hope is lost. Here’s how you can reduce your bounce rate:

Aim to attract the right audience.

Be knowledgeable of who your visitors are, and take care to cater to them specifically. Determine which keywords they’re searching and pepper them throughout your content. Strive to improve your online advertising to drive in more visitors, and work to maintain top rankings on your branded terms.

Ensure your site is user friendly.

If you’re bringing users in successfully you need to make sure you retain them, so ensuring your site is user friendly is essential. Your website needs to be easy to navigate and visually appealing. You can attract visitors all day, but if they have difficulty using your site or are jarred by the way it looks, it won’t matter.

Being user friendly now-a-days also includes mobile. Be sure your website works just as well on a mobile device as it does on a desktop. Most active users access the web via their mobile phone, so not catering to those users is a rather large missed opportunity.

Target your content to specific users.

Be sure you engage your users when they visit your website. If they’re a first-time visitor, greet them with a nice message. If they’re a frequent visitor, welcome them back. There are a variety of audience targeting tools that can be utilized to customize your content for different kinds of users. Having a customized experience will make visiting your site much more pleasant, and encourage users not only to view more of your website, but to return in the future.

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