posted on July 25th, 2012

Website Development & CMS Design for Healthcare Provider – Life Health Science Site Design

BY Jason Howard in Case Studies ,

About the Client

LH Science is the highly reputed company behind the well-known Znatural brand. Znatural is a whole body detoxification system that cleanses the body without leaving any trails of harmful side effects. The client, Bert Moyar approached us in December 2011 looking to redesign and refine the look and feel of his existing website. The intention was to develop a completely new user experience that educates the customers, interacts with the health professionals, and relies on subtlety while avoiding the overhype that is visible on other supplement websites.

The challenge to this project was manifold. Cynexis was confronted with the task of creating a completely new brand image and look & feel for their website with an intention to engage the private label companies in the Health Supplements industry, the Health Professionals who subscribe the supplements and the end users who would eventually buy from the website, hence a complex eCommerce website design project.

We discussed these challenges with Bert and decided to develop a complex yet easy to use eCommerce website. The website administrators generate a coupon code and pass it on to the Health Professionals (the affiliates). This coupon code is used by their patients who receive a discount when they purchase the health supplements from the website. At the same time, the eCommerce site backend calculates the affiliate commission based on this code.

Another challenge was to develop a learning management system which Health Professionals can use to get:

a) Receive dynamic percentages off on their patients' product purchase.
b) Download product factsheets, literature and patient handouts.
c) Access articles, research study links and videos on LH Science products.
d) Track their orders and sales commission.
e) Place orders to avail specially discounted pricing.

The Solution

  • We wanted the health practitioners and the end users to be "wowed" by the website. While the goal was common, the approach was different. We wanted to capture the Health Professionals' attention by projecting the educational resources about the products, affiliate system and the discount commission system which works in-sync with their patient sale. Our web programmers developed a powerful core theme for LH Science, and then presented it through effective use of imagery, logo, colors and layout – creating a visitor-centric site environment.
  • We chose Drupal as the development platform due to its comprehensive application development support and secure nature. Drupal version 6 was used as the CMS base with Ubercart 2 as the eCommerce shopping cart module. Cynexis Drupal developers developed custom modules for solving the commission distribution and reporting puzzle. At the core we used Drupal's discount module and the coupons module and combined them to create a custom module that extends price discounts to end users, but credits the associated Health Professionals.
  • Our web developers integrated the payment gateway API with UC2 for processing credit cards securely on the website. A custom reporting interface was developed for commission reporting which had conditional access based on the login. The Health Professionals can see their commission reports using this tool and the company (LH Science) can easily access the sales and commission data per affiliate (Health Professional).
  • Our web design experts developed a custom theme that was integrated with Drupal. Sites that we build using the custom Drupal framework can have unlimited number of pages, images and videos. LH Science is no different as we gave the admin controls for creating and adding as many resources as they need. We developed a learning management system for LH Science and granted conditional access to the registered Health Professionals to access it.

The Result

The new LH Science website was updated with several impressive features. Our web designers gave the site a clean, professional appearance, intuitive navigation, and a smart layout to showcase products and features. A customized learning management system, featuring a conditional login for participating Health Professionals, allows clients of LH Science to easily download educational product resources, utilize affiliate and discount commission systems, and track orders and sales. The Drupal 6 development platform for this ecommerce site provides customers with an easy, secure purchasing process. This platform also provides LH Science with a convenient content management system (CMS) to update and add limitless amounts of content to their site, without dependence on a professional web development firm. These incredible new features distinguish LH Science and an industry leader in health supplements.


  • Drupal 6

  • payment gateway API with Ubercart 2

  • Affiliate Module for sales and commissioning.

  • Custom Reporting

  • Subscription Sales Module


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