posted on January 16th, 2012

Membership Website Development for Real Estate – REO Agents Directory

BY Jason Howard in Case Studies ,

About the Client

REO Industry Directory is an online directory of REO agents, brokers, and vendors across the United States. David Tal, the President and founder of REO Industry Directory started this website in 2010 to help REO agents meet asset managers. The REO Industry Directory soon became one of the most advanced networks of Real-Estate-Owned Professionals which helped the asset managers to find REO agents and vendors by city, zip code or street address. It also made premium REO listings available to agents at affordable rates for better online visibility.

Unlike its competitors, the REO Industry Directory helps agents and vendors in getting a prominent online listing and in training them through an industry leading REO Training & Certification Program too. REO Industry Directory believes in the motto – Experience, services & training – all at one place.


Within a short span of time, the REO Industry Directory became a well known name in the Industry. However, David Tal realized that it was still lacking something. Why were the results just satisfactory & not excellent?

A brilliant concept, strategy & with a second-to-none service orientation, REO Industry Directory had all of it, so what was missing? In today’s competitive world, one not only requires a great vision but an excellent platform too, and the REO Industry Directory was missing that. Their website was unable to convey the owner’s vision and thoughtfulness. The shortcomings & loopholes in the website were preventing users and thus it demanded for a makeover.

The Web Solution

Cynexis took the challenge of giving REO Industry Directory an entirely new look which along with spreading its vision was intended to give them a cutting edge new look too. We redesigned the website and developed it in Drupal CMS. We developed their search based web application using custom PHP giving them the perfect content management solution and the exceptional performance of a reliable and stout programming platform.

Using a mix of great content management features and custom application programming in PHP, our web design experts developed some remarkable functionality for the client:

  •  Search Locator: A search locator was developed using the Google Geolocator API and Google Maps API. Users are prompted to share their location on the home page. Once users accept to share, Google’s Geolocator API comes into action. Their position coordinates are now used to track create a map using Google’s Maps API, which will display the location of REO Agents within a 30 mile radius of the user’s ZIP code area.

  • Ubercart: We integrated Drupal’s Ubercart module and customized it for report generation based on users’ status. We also used Ubercart’s recurring payments module for Featured Membership payment on the website.

  • PayPal  Pro: We connected Ubercart to PayPal Pro offering a branded purchase experience for the website visitors. When using PayPal Pro, your visitors do not leave the website for paying using their credit card. The card is charged on PayPal’s servers and the pages for these processing are built into your website, now this is what you call a branded experience, right?

  • Custom CRM Features: We talked to the REO Industry Directory owners and they placed a lot of emphasis on fostering the relationship with their customers (REO agents). We custom programmed features like individual and batch emailing, follow ups using Google Calendar, admin notes & checkmarks and communication history management. All these features are build to support their customer engagement model.

The Website was given a Web 2.0 look, which made it more attractive and appealing to the users. We also developed landing pages for all the major cities in the nation which list the REO Agents from these cities.

The Result

The Website makeover was overwhelming for the clients. We received accolades from the clients to accomplish the task within the given timeline.


  • PHP 5

  • Drupal 6 CMS Integration

  • Drupal Custom Modules

  • MySQL

  • CRM



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