posted on October 15th, 2014

The Wonders of Mobile Marketing

BY Jason Howard in Blog ,
Mobile Marketing Services

It's no exaggeration to say that mobile is taking over the world. Currently there are around 6.7 billion mobile subscriptions worldwide with that number to exceed 10 billion by 2017. With these numbers, it's surprising to see that mobile only accounts for 1 percent of the average marketing budget. Whether you're a small or large business, you should start emphasizing mobile in your budget and plan. Here's why:
People are attached to their devices
Even before the rise of smartphones, cellphones overtook landlines simply because of their convenience. People could easily put it in their pockets or purses and go about their day. Today, people are even more attached to their device now that it can be used as a portable computer. How attached? 73 percent of people bring their mobile devices to the bathroom with them. While the checking email, browsing social media sites and playing games makes up the majority of time spend on these devices, it still leaves enough time to reach your potential customer. After all, the average person has their phone near them 14 hours a day.
4 out of 5 consumers shop with the smartphones
Today, mobile commerce is one of the fastest growing markets bringing in $100 million in net revenue. Although the majority of consumers still either purchase in stores or through their desktops, 34 percent of people have made a purchase directly using their phone and 25 percent of consumers only do their online shopping via mobile. Other consumers tend to use their devices to help inform their purchasing decision by comparing competitor prices or reading customer reviews.
Better conversion rates
Users that find your business through their mobile device are not only more likely to convert to a buyer but also will convert within an hour versus a month for desktop users. Why? Mobile users are on-the-go and already have something specific in mind when searching for a product or service. They are already in a buyer mindset and assume that your site can meet their needs.
Mobile has overtaken desktop usage
The rise of 3G and 4G connectivity has had a huge impact, most notably in developing countries such as India and China. In these areas, standard at-home connections tend to be very slow and expensive due to poor infrastructure. Mobile devices provide a way for people to connect to the internet cheaply through their carriers. Thanks to the lowering costs of mobile devices, it is also more economically feasible for the average consumer to purchase them rather than a more expensive and less portable laptop. 
Mobile is the Big Thing
Mobile marketing isn't the future, it's today. With more iPhones sold daily than babies born, it's clear that businesses need to start paying more attention to this huge market and adjust their marketing strategy accordingly.


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