posted on October 3th, 2012

Three Simple Tips for Writing SEO Articles

BY Jason Howard in Blog ,

The two main reasons for writing SEO articles include proper indexing by Google and other search engines and providing information for your targeted audience. Google categorizes content according to the purpose it is written for, with the aim of providing searchers with relevant information that meets their needs. One way to help search engines achieve this goal is by creating SEO articles.

Important Factors for Writing an SEO Article

Keep the following three components in mind when creating SEO content.

1. Keyword Research

Thorough keyword research is required for writing a search engine-friendly article. You need to know what search terms potential customers will likely use to search for information about your product or service. To determine relevant keywords for articles, you must do a careful keyword research. Begin by brainstorming potential phrases or terms you can think of, come up with as many as you can. Also, visit forums in your industry where people discuss a lot about your niche, you will find many keyword ideas on these platforms.

There are tools that are designed for this purpose, but don’t rely too much on the results they provide. Simply use them as guidelines for research. If you use Google free keyword research tools, you’ll be able to find a bunch of keywords related to your content.

2. Keyword Usage

The aim of writing an SEO article should be producing helpful and informative content that will be of great benefit to your target audience. It must be practical enough for them to implement right after consuming it.

Now, to help Google and other search engines index the articles appropriately so that your potential clients can easily find them on search results, you need to strategically embed the researched keywords in the content. When adding the keywords, make sure the information flows naturally without losing its main concept. To achieve this, vary the keywords by using their synonyms. This will not only make your article SEO-laden but will also make your audience happy to consume it.

3. Areas to Embed Keywords

You don’t just stuff articles with keywords simply because you want them to rank high on Google and other search engines. Google has a rule for integrating keywords in articles and if violated, the content will be blacklisted, and your prospective clients will never see it.

When adding keywords in the content, target these areas: in the URL (a sub URL of the main domain), the article’s title, first paragraph, main body of the article, and in the last paragraph. The total keywords used should not be more than five. Greater than that will make the content look spammy to Google and sound irrelevant to potential customers. To avoid this, use one keyword in the headline, one in the first paragraph, two to three in the main body, and one in the last paragraph. Remember to vary the keywords in order to make writing easy, and to maintain the core message of the content.

Focus on delivering helpful and informative content first instead of worrying about how to add keywords into the articles. You are only using keywords in the content to help Google and other search engines put the information in the right categories, and to make it easy for your potential clients to find them. So focus on providing value for your prospective customers.

Writing SEO content is not as difficult as people perceive it. By simply following the above tips and advice, your articles will not only get indexed correctly for the right keywords, but will also help drive targeted traffic to your website.

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