posted on June 30th, 2011

How to Develop Targeted Internet Marketing for your Website

BY Jason Howard in Blog ,

The web has a huge stream of traffic, and search engines are the drivers on this highway known as the web. As attractive as the overall size of the traffic may appear, it is not fruitful to bring uninterested visitors to your website. The reasoning is quite straightforward: the traffic that is inclined to purchase your products or services is easy to convert into a paying customer. Any form of internet marketing (PPC/SEO/Affiliate Marketing) should be focused on the concept of targeted Internet Marketing.

You probably already have a very specific target audience – a pre-determined group whom you need to focus on for your online marketing effort. For an Internet Marketing program to be successful, you need to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Who are my target audiences? Where do they live, what is their socio-economic status, how old are they and how do they use the web?

  • How are my products and services different from that of my competition?

  • What value will my customers derive in absolute or relative terms if they choose my product?

  • What is the online search behavior of my target audience? Do they prefer a search engine, if yes which one? What terms would they use?

  • Are there any important trade publications, blogs or industry news sites that my audience visits regularly?

  • How do I appeal to my target audience? What kind of copywriting, design and details will appeal to them?

The answers to the above questions allow you to choose the best vehicle for your targeted internet marketing campaign. Whether you use SEO, blogging, PPC or any other activity, these inherent questions should be asked and answered, for a focused online marketing approach.

Using the above information, you can create a customer profile and determine how this ideal customer searches the web in a search engine. For example, if you are in the business of offering high quality, custom kitchen cabinets, and sell in and around the New York metro area, you can target users through Google, Microsoft search (Bing) and Yahoo. Your content should appeal to married couples in their early and late thirties who have ample disposable income, and are interested in making their kitchens the best part of their home.

This information can be utilized to find what sites to advertise on, which ones to link to, and where to submit guest articles or blog posts. It can also help you monitor competition and how to develop a “match and exceed” internet marketing strategy.

Armed with the knowledge of your niche set-up and your audience demographic, you can develop a list of keywords to focus on. By putting yourself into your ideal customer’s shoes, you may discover more keywords that can be used to find a business like yours that ranks online for custom cabinets, wood choices, vanities and table tops. To improve your lists (to reject the non-important words), use keyword research tools such as Adwords Keyword Tool and SEM Rush to find the most popular and least competitive terms in your region.

The most important thing is to research, implement, test and repeat the process. There is no room for assumption. Along with the keyword research tools, you can also focus on all your previous inquiries (online or offline) and see how customers craft their email messages. Take cues from competitor’s websites, and also from industry sites. All these steps will help you create a worthy list of target keyword phrases.

Targeted Internet Marketing is a product of focus and research; the channels (like SEO/PPC), in themselves, are just a way to reach your target audience. As a business owner/marketing manager, you need to understand how people think, act and search. Sometimes, people know about the existence of your product lines, while other times, you may need to educate them as to why your products exist and what need they fulfilled.

If you are working with an Internet Marketing Company or an SEO consultant, be sure to discuss this need to uncover who you are focusing on, and what that audience’s needs are. Most of the better Internet marketing firms will be inclined to ask you these questions and collectively search for replies that help them create a targeted Internet Marketing campaign.


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