posted on October 13th, 2011

What Your Website Designer Should Know About Your Business

When you work with a web design company or a standalone website designer, there are many things that you expect them to know. Your list of requirements may range from professional design experience to robust communication and reporting systems. Clients also look for local web design service providers to that they can touch base with them on a regular basis and can hold them accountable for any drift which happens from the expected project movement.

While all the above criteria are important and form the basis of selecting a web design company, there is a vital ingredient to the success of your website – how well do you communicate with the designer and how well they understand your business. As an external firm, do not expect your website design company to know all what you know about your business. Some design firms are exploratory and research intensive in nature while others may only superficially ask questions or raise any concerns. While a web design company that asks penetrating questions or meets with you to have great planning guides for design are a boon, the onus of clarity in terms of what is required, lies solely with you, the client.

Here is a list of things that your website design agency should absolutely know about your business:

  • Your goals – It is imperative for your website designer to know what you wish to accomplish with your website. This is the “bigger picture” we are talking about. Whether your website is about educating people on a topic and involving participation or is it about generating leads for sales? Most of the better web design firms have project managers and business analysts who look at your website more objectively in term of website conversion. If they are properly armed with this information, chances are high that your website will be conversion oriented.

  • Your audiences – There may be multiple audiences that you cater to, out of which some are of higher importance than others. Your web designer needs to know the hierarchy of their importance along with their demographics, their spending patterns (most important for eCommerce websites), their needs, their concerns (FUDs) and also the way they are supposed to interact with your website.

  • Your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) – Most of the companies don’t know what is special about them. If you are among them, you need to step back and do a SWOT analysis to first understand yourself why you are in business, what makes you special and why people should buy/subscribe from you. Once you know this, you should clearly communicate your USPs to your web design firm. This would help them weave designs that clearly focus on the best parts of your offering in an unequivocal manner.

    Being able to differentiate your offering vis-à-vis your competitors helps you stand out and users notice you.

  • Elements on your website – Your web designers should know the bigger picture and the focus element needs equally well. So while your goal may be generating more leads, the home page may focus on telling visitors what your business is all about and leading them to your projects portfolio or product case studies etc. Every custom page on your website has a goal which is known as call-to-action and your web designers should very well understand what every page is supposed to do and how it integrated with the overall objective of your website.

As a business owner, you are not spending money just make things look pretty, but rather to make them more effective. Tell your website design firm how important business and online conversions mean to your business and try to lead them to a goal that you and them, both understand equally well.


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