posted on December 17th, 2012

Why Collaboration Between Web Designer and Client Is Vital

BY Jason Howard in Blog ,

Without proper collaboration between client and web designer, designing a successful website isn’t possible. You, the client, must communicate your needs clearly to your web designer, and your web designer must be receptive to your ideas and feedback.

The relationship between a web designer and a client can go awry if the web designer doesn’t communicate well with the client and the client starts micromanaging the process by asking the web designer to do things like make a logo bigger, change a color, or move an image a little bit to the right or left. Web designers get frustrated when they are hired to design a website, but the client ends up making all of the design decisions, down to the pixel.

Another problem is that web designers tend to work in isolation. As a result, they might spend a few weeks putting together a design, only to discover after they’re finished that the client hates it. It’s crucial that web designers get feedback from their clients throughout the web design process. After all, nobody knows a business and its target audience better than the business owner himself.  

Solution-Driven Web Design

The web design process consists of making numerous choices, from deciding on appropriate colors to choosing the right typeface. But these decisions should not be guided by your likes and dislikes – they should be guided by the desire to solve business problems.

For example, rather than telling your web designer to change the color of the navigation menu from blue to pink just because, explain exactly why you think pink is more appropriate than blue from a business perspective. If your web designer understands the reasoning behind your request, he will be more open to your feedback and be able to come up with better design solutions.

As a web design client, your role is to focus on tackling your business’s challenges and meeting the needs of your target audience. Don’t worry about the minutia of the web design process – let your web designer work his magic so you can benefit fully from his skills and expertise.

Outline the Project’s Goals and the Responsibilities of Each Party

To avoid conflict and build a website that is equipped to fulfill your objectives, start out every web design project by clearly defining its purpose. Why are you making a website? What do you want your website to achieve? Outline the goals of your project. You can always refer back to your goals later to see if you’re on the right track. As a web design client, it is your responsibility to do the following:

  • Establish your web design project’s direction
  • Outline your website’s goals
  • Identify your target audience
  • Sign off on design specifications
  • Provide content or provide direction to content developers

Once you define the “why” of your web design project, you must define the “how”. For example, is your goal to create a website that helps you sell more of your products? If so, some website features you may have to build in order to meet that goal include a services page with compelling images and sales copy, a testimonials page with feedback from satisfied customers, and a user-friendly shopping cart. Once you determine exactly what websites features you need in order to achieve your goals, you must devise a plan of attack that outlines the responsibilities of everyone involved.

Your web designer’s job is to listen to what you say, interpret your business goals into visual elements, and then create mock-ups. When you see your web designer’s work, you shouldn’t be surprised – the work should reflect the goals that you’ve set. By communicating with you regularly, your web designer will be able to ensure that you’re both on the same page and create a design that you love.

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