posted on October 8th, 2012

Why Content Is the Future of Marketing

BY Jason Howard in Blog ,

A major shift is taking place in the marketing world. In the past, marketing meant paying for expensive advertising or trying to get coverage in the mainstream media. But the Internet has changed everything. Now businesses have the opportunity to publish and distribute information about their products or services in multiple formats.

Rather than interrupt and bombard customers with direct mail, commercials, and other propaganda-driven marketing methods, companies now have the ability to create content that attracts customers to them. Gone are the days of chasing after customers – content enables you to reach customers directly and engage in conversations with them.

What Is Content?

Content is a broad term that refers to an array of textual, visual, and aural content, including everything from product pages and podcasts, to videos and blog posts. Content has the potential to convert browsers into buyers because it enhances your company’s credibility, educates customers about your products or services, and addresses their objections.

Whether they’re in the market for a lawn mower, consulting services, or a private chef, most consumers today use the Internet to research their options. Content positions your company as a trusted resource because it provides prospects and customers with a wealth of useful, vendor-agnostic information that helps them make educated buying decisions.

Deepen Your Relationships with Customers

Great content inspires people to learn more about your company. Content also helps you tell your company’s story and cultivate a fan base. By continuously creating content that customers care about, you can deepen your relationships with them.

You get to know your target audience well during the content creation process because you have to put yourself into their shoes in order to create effective content that resonates with them. The result is improved marketing campaigns that fulfill your company’s objectives while meeting your customers’ needs.

How to Create Effective Content

See yourself as a content marketing company: The goal of content marketing is to provide customers with valuable and helpful content at every stage of the buying cycle. For example, in order to pique the interest of customers who are still in the research stage, you can create content that breaks down the alternatives available and helps customers evaluate their options.

You can also create content that meets the needs of existing customers. For instance, you can create a troubleshooting guide for your products. The idea is to develop content that meets your customers’ needs throughout the journey that leads to purchase as well as after purchase.

Show, don’t just tell: Rather than merely telling customers that your product is great, show them exactly why it is with case studies, client narratives, and the like. Good content demonstrates how your products or services ease customers’ troubles, meet their needs, and improve their lives.

Create informative, valuable content: Let’s say you stack up with your competitors pretty evenly. If you go the extra mile by providing your customers with informative, valuable content that answers their questions and helps them make the best purchase decisions, they will likely choose your company over the competition.

Encourage people to engage and share your content. To maximize the results of your content marketing efforts, encourage people to engage with your content by downloading your e-books and white papers or commenting on your blog. You should also encourage sharing so that your customers help you spread the word about your business and create social media buzz.

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