posted on April 24th, 2018

How to Make Your Website ADA Compliant

BY Jason Howard in Web design ,
How to Make Your Website ADA Compliant

The Americans with Disabilities Act is a 1990 civil rights law that prohibits discrimination against persons with disabilities. This not only includes jobs and employment, but housing, transportation, and all public places. Buses, restaurants, buildings, offices, and many more public spaces are required to be ADA compliant so that all users can access them. This is usually achieved with features such as wheelchair ramps, elevators, adequate seating and space, and braille and/or sign language translations.

But do websites need to be ADA compliant?

In short—not all of them. Companies that provide “public accommodation” should have an ADA compliant website. This includes government, public spaces, employment, building codes, transportation, and telecommunication websites. Failure to have an ADA compliant website could result in legal against taken against you.

If you are unsure of how to make your website ADA compliant, Web Content Accessibility Guidelines offers a long list of qualifications for making a website ADA compliant. Websites are ranked Level A, Level AA, and Level AAA, with Level AAA being the most compliant.

All in all, there are 61 current guidelines for making a website ADA compliant.

Level A website compliance includes features such as text alternatives to visual and audio content, the site can be navigated with only a keyboard, and doesn’t contain anything that flashes more than three times in one second. While these are just examples of how to make your website ADA compliant for Level A, there are much more strenuous qualifications for Level AA and AAA.

For Level AA and Level AAA, the requirements can drastically change the look and feel of your website, causing major headaches for you as you learn how to make your website ADA compliant.

If your business falls into the “public accommodation” category and find yourself asking “do websites need to be ADA compliant?” It’s better to be safe than sorry and team up with a web compliancy company to help you become ADA compliant. Cynexis Media in Columbus, Ohio is an experienced Columbus web design company with the best ADA compliance solutions.

The professionals at Cynexis Media are ready to tweak your website—or fully redesign it—to make it ADA compliant and accessible to all users. Don’t hesitate to contact us with your web design and ADA requirements.


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