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Well-designed and expertly targeted email marketing solutions work to build customer bases, expand professional networks, and establish real relationships between businesses and the people they serve. Too few email campaigns meet the quality thresholds, however. Sending messages that recipients do not value or treat as spam can hurt a business and lead people to ignore good emails from the same sender.

When hired to provide email marketing services, the Cynexis team applies all the most-effective tools and techniques to craft, send, and track the impact of direct-to-consumer and business-to-business newsletters, ads, alerts, and special offers.

Email Marketing Services, Email Marketing Agency Columbus Ohio

Making Meaningful Connections

Each marketing email your business sends must contain essential information, a call to action, working links, and attractive and engaging text and graphics. An even more important consideration is delivering your emails to the audiences most likely to welcome the messages. Identifying and serving audiences for particular emails is where the Cynexis teams earns their keep as providers of email marketing services.

Building a List

Email marketing starts with collecting contact information for recipients. Web developers and marketing consultants on the Cynexis email marketing services team ensure that our clients’ website visitors and app users have multiple, simple ways to share their emails and set preferences for which types of messages they want to receive.

Checking It Twice

Cynexis also works with each of its email marketing solutions clients to create and regularly update separate distribution lists for different emails. The weekly newsletter goes only to subscribers. Special offers arrive in the In-boxes of customers who requested alerts. Product-specific information goes only to individuals who bought the item. Such targeting increases the likelihood that your marketing emails will be received instead of being filtered as spam, opened, read, and acted upon.

Email Marketing Services Agency Columbus Ohio

Messaging Matters

Sending emails to the right recipients is half the battle. Prompting people to read your messages and having them feel rewarded for doing so are the other essential factors in the email marketing equation. The team at Cynexis accounts for all of these when providing email campaign services.

Your Voice, Our Techniques

Realizing the greatest returns on investments in marketing emails requires paying careful attention to when and how often they get sent, how well the content is written and edited, and what types of pictures and videos are included. Effective emails from your business should also include links that permit recipients to share the messages with a single click. Cynexis delivers on each detail whether we are creating one-time campaigns and on managing ongoing email marketing efforts. We also ask our client to suggest messages and review drafts.

Count on Making Emails Count

In-depth data analyses inform every email marketing campaign Cynexis carries out. We work upfront to identify audiences and craft messages that resonate. Then we do follow-up studies to learn how subsequent emails can elicit even more responses and drive greater sales.

Email Marketing Services Columbus Ohio


Businesses seeking email solutions have many options. Cynexis sets itself apart from other email marketing services providers with our attention to detail and ability to deliver resonant and laser-targeted messages while also doing the data analytics that ensure growing success.